Dr. Teo Babun: A World-Class Speaker

On top of being a great entrepreneur, Dr. Teo is a talented speaker. Dr. Teo is a frequent guest commentator with various cable TV networks, including BBC, CBN, CNBC, CNN, and CBS. Dr. Teo has also addressed over 200 groups in various locations across the globe.

His talks revolve around Cuba’s business and economic issues. Dr. Teo is the country’s best-known expert on the civil society and religion of Cuba. Audiences will find his talks both engaging and educational.

Previous Speaking Engagements

Teo has given talks in many summits and conferences. A few of his past speaking engagements are:

Cuba Business, History and Future Investments

Understanding Cuba’s Infrastructure From Ports to Rail to Airports

Doing Business in Cuba Summit
New Orleans, LA

Opportunities in the Caribbean and Cuba

American Chamber of Commerce
Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana

Frontier Investing in Cuba and the Caribbean Basin

Investor Presentation NASDAQ
New York, NY

What is a Future Cuba Facing?

Infrastructure American Enterprise Institute
Washington, DC

Analysis for Strategic Direction National District

Export Council Conference
Washington, DC

Investment Conditions in Cuba

Americas Society Council of the Americas
New York, NY

Religion & The Church in Cuba

The Growth of the Protestant Church and Freedom of Religion and The Church, Religion and Reforms in Cuba

Miami, FL

Building a Healthy Relationship with Churches in Cuba

Calvary Christian Church
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Future of the Cuban Church. The New Cuban Crisis

Substance Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Future of the Church in Cuba

Jacksonville Hispanic Leadership Council
Jacksonville, Florida